Welcome to .Caravan: Explore the World of Virtual Caravans

The .Caravan domain extension is the perfect place for caravan-focused websites and businesses. Whether you own a caravan, are a caravan enthusiast, or are looking to start a caravan-focused business, this domain extension can help you get noticed online.

Where Did .Caravan Come From?

The .Caravan domain extension was launched in 2020, in response to the growing popularity of caravanning as a leisure activity. It is the perfect way to showcase caravans and caravanning activities, and to attract those interested in this type of lifestyle.

What Is the Purpose of .Caravan?

The .Caravan domain extension was created with the intention of providing a dedicated and easily recognizable space for caravan owners and enthusiasts. It is an easy and effective way to create a professional online presence that is tailored to caravanning-related activities.

Who Can Register a .Caravan Domain?

Anyone can register a .Caravan domain. This includes businesses, organizations, individuals, and groups that are related to caravanning or are looking to create a website related to caravans or caravanning activities.

Are There Any Restrictions on .Caravan Domains?

Yes, there are a few restrictions. All .Caravan domains must abide by the terms and conditions set forth by the registry. Additionally, .Caravan domains must be registered for a minimum of one year. Renewal fees may apply.

Registering a .Caravan domain is an easy and effective way to create a unique online presence for your caravan-related activities. Get started today and explore the world of virtual caravans!